Thursday, February 15, 2007

Which Famous Homosexual Are You?

Doing it Greek style since 356 BC.
Which Famous Homosexual Are You?
Yeah, baby. You were the King of Macedonia, and conqueror of much of the world; you're responsible for the spread of Christianity, as well as Hellenistic society and even the Roman Empire. Your power was feared for thousands of miles around.

And how gay were you. When you'd conquered Persia, you fell in love with a male courtier from that court - scandalous in those days, because the Persians were believed to be uncivilised barbarians.You were always really in love with your boyhood friend, Hephaestion, and when he died you were grief-stricken to a legendary degree: convinced that he would live on after death, you passed away soon afterwards.

WTF Happened to Oprah?

Its funny how she made a big fuss about losing weight a year ago and now her weight seems to be creeping back up. Oprah when will you learn it is better to keep your mouth shut about your weight-loss than to be humiliated with pictures like these. You also need to fire your stylist because your hair and make-up are no longer cutting it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Movie Review: Wild At Heart

Gory, trippy and disturbing on so many levels its no wonder this movie is now one of my personal favorites. With an off beat sense of humor, and vividly intense imagery David Lynch brings to life an adult version of The Wizard of Oz. However, between all the sex and violence lies a genuine love story. Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage) and Lula Pace (Laura Dern) are two star-crossed lovers on the run from a variety of colorful characters hired by Lula’s mom to kill Sailor.

I made the mistake of watching it while my older (and uptight) sister was in the room with me. She ended up calling me a sick puppy and ran out of the room with her eyes closed and her hands over her ears. She did not even finish watching the first 5 minutes of the film. Although I feel obligated to warn anyone who has yet to see this film about all the brutality, I do feel if you give it a chance it might just grow on you. Or maybe it only grows on demented people with an innate ability to find the humor/love amidst all the shockingly horrific violence.

P.S. I was forced to switch to beta, the damn thing would not let me sign in to the old blogger unless I upgraded. How unfair!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

WTF I Don't Have A Sense of Humor?

What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Personality

Your best quality is your personality! People like you because you are an all around good person. You have good manners and values. You also like to express your personal style and interests.

Sense of Humor
What's" Your Best Quality?
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RIP Anna Nicole

Hopefully Anna is at peace now but where is DannieLynn? It really uneases me to think that her creepy lawyer will be granted custody of her. Does anyone actually believe that he is DannieLynn's biological father?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Nice Sappy Song

I've been hearing a lot of sappy, depressing songs lately but for some reason when I first heard Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups it really uplifted my spirits. Plus the video is really cute let me know what you guys think of the song or video.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Week From Hell

I have had the week from hell.
  1. My grandma suffered a stroke and is in critical condition.
  2. I missed a day of class to visit my grandma in the hospital and as it turns out the next day of class I had a major exam that I was unaware of and forgot to study for so I ended up getting a D-.
  3. I ran into an old flame of mine and it was painful, awkward and depressing. I thought he was the love of my life, it turns out he is not. He is married to someone else now.
  4. I got a flat on my way home from work and I chipped three nails putting on the stupid spare.
  5. And to top it off I am suffering from PMS! I am going out of my mind any words of encouragement are welcome.