Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Am Burned Out


* Your favorite phrase is "I don't give a s@#$."

* When you start showering after class rather than before.

* The test papers are no longer worthy of the fridge door.

* When the campus drunk tells you that you should study more.

* You have spent more time figuring out that you only need a 54% on the final to pass than the time you have actually spent studying.

* When your study schedule is based on the rationale that you "might" actually die before the test!

* Visions of the upcoming weekend help you make it through Monday.

I can honestly say I have said and done most of these things. I am really starting to hate school! I have not started the advance Science program yet and my grades are already slipping. To make matters worse I have sat in at a couple of the advance science program classes/meetings and all I can say is YIKES! Talk about dedication these kids (I swear there is a guy who is only 16) live, breath and eat Science. I’ve always considered myself a Science nerd but I am really intimidated.

At this rate I doubt I will even be qualified for the program next semester. I need to get at least a B in my BioChem class to qualify for this program but right now my average is somewhere around a C+. I take some comfort knowing that the class is brutal, it started out with about 100 students and now there are only around 30 left! Who cares if I do not know all the intricate details of the electron transport chain or all ten Glycolysis Catabolic Pathways as long as I get the big picture right? I am really close to saying screw it all so I took a break today from all my classes. Hopefully things will get better within the next couple of weeks. How is everyone else doing?